Makeup + Hair Artist Margoux Le Roux

Makeup + Hair Artist Margoux Le Roux

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Profile and About Makeup + Hair Artist Margoux Le Roux

Distinguished Client

Vice President Mike Pence
Alyssa Milano
Allison Janey
Andy Murray
Gov. Bill Richardson
Brandon Jennings
Bryce Harper
Charlie Rose
Deion Sanders
Donnie Simpson
Eddie Lacy
Freddie Freeman
Georges St. Pierre
Greivis Vasquez
Harold Reynolds
John McCain
Julio Jones
Kenny Albert
Liza O'Brien
Senator Lindsey Graham
Mayor Mauriel Bowser
Michael Phelps
Natalie Cole
Niles Paul
Omarosa Manigualt
Ray Lewis
Samantha Power
Star Jones
Susan Rice
Senator Ted Cruz
Tom Selleck
Tom Verducci
Torrey Smith


American Express (Advertisement)
Baltimore Sun (Editorial)
BET Bobby Jones Gospel (TV)
Bloomberg (TV News)
Elle Greece (Editorial)
Glamour Russia (Editorial)
Hip Hop Weekly (Editorial)
Prestige (Editorial)
SLAM/Kicks (Editorial)
Under Armour (Advertisement)
Vanidades (Editorial)
Washingtonian (Editorial)
Vogue Italia (Editorial)


Acura RLX "Style Tour" - Washington DC
Blue Campaign (
Mirrors (Hillary Clinton Ad)
Public Defender Service (
Showtime Sports (Bute vs Medina)
Unsung Hollywood (Chante Moore Episode)
Unsung Hollywood (Tupac Episode)


Margoux Le Roux
Washington DC
Mobile: 202.321.6207
Work: 2023216207
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Makeup and Hair

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Makeup and Hair


Or Grossman by Enrique Vega 01

Or Grossman by Enrique Vega 15

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Red Carpet - Award Shows

Makeup and Hair

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Makeup for Alyssa Milano
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Makeup and Hair

Bryce Harper Under Armour

Grooming Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker


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Makeup and Hair

Mayor Muriel Bowser Makeup Artist



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Makeup and Hair

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